You're Too Blessed to be Stressed! It is easy to become overwhelmed in our fast-paced world, especially with the myriad of challenges we face–struggling to meet basic needs, raising children in an unsafe world, and being assaulted with ever-negative headlines in the news. Yet too often we’re overloaded because we pick up things

If you’ve recently experienced the gift of salvation, you might be wondering: “What comes next?”  Too often new believers are left without instruction on how to continue in their new life in Christ. Without guidance, it can be easy to feel confused or to revert to what life was like before accepting Christ. In Born Again,

Jesus said offenses will come--whether it's a subtle dig, an obvious jab, or an action. Sometimes they come from those closest to us, and they can destroy our peace, our relationships, and ultimately, our destiny. It's easy to take offense, and that's exactly what Jesus warned against. In Erasing Offense, Duane Sheriff, senior

God has called YOU to be an agent of cultural change! America is experiencing a cultural revolution. Against the onslaught of conflicting political agendas, powerful media pressures, and radical ideologies, what should Christians think? How should we respond? In Counterculture, Pastor Duane Sheriff reveals how the "woke" movement has a form of godliness but denies

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