Blessing Your Children in Prayer & Faith
Blessing Your Children in Prayer & Faith

Blessing Your Children in Prayer & Faith

Did you know supernatural power is released when you speak the word of God out loud? In Genesis, God spoke all of creation into being, demonstrating the power of words to change earthly circumstances. Your spoken words have the potential to shape and frame the world for your children.

Your children are a precious gift from the Lord. Yet, their sense of identity is under attack daily. Negative words and destructive voices often bombard their minds. Counteract these words by speaking God’s truth (promises) over them.

Blessing Your Children in Prayer and Faith is a devotional guide that reveals the importance of prayer and ways to pray for your children. Each topic contains a prayer and scriptures that impart God’s blessings, unconditional love, affirmation, peace, and protection over them.

Speaking God’s promises over your children builds their self-esteem and instills a sense of purpose in their lives. Prayer lays a foundation of faith to seek God during difficult times. Take this opportunity to speak the truth over your children and make an eternal impact on your family.

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