In ministry there is a calling, a process and an evolution. ÿ?Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin?? (Ze 4:10 NLT) Because of our vision for great success, we fail to value the preparation time ? small beginnings. We must be faithful in the little. Pastor Duane shares his beginnings and background to set the stage for these teachings.

  • Building a ministry/church takes time
  • Trust is crucial: You trusting God, God and people trusting you
  • Never over promise or under perform; always under promise and over perform
  • The people must know you through ministerial responsibilities such as preaching, teaching, weddings, funerals and hospital visits
  • For stages or evolutions of ministry
  • Under MED: Multiply yourself; Empower the people and Delegate the work
  • Moses’ Model: 1) look for the three C’s when delegating; 2) Five responsibilities (Ex 18:13-27)
  • Apostle’s Model: Qualifications and competencies in the two models compared, while many years apart, are very similar in responsibilities, character traits. Listen and be blessed.

Messages in this series:

February 24, 2015