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I prayed for this

Prayed for 3 times.

Martina Bernhardt


For the house „Wesselbend 42 in Belgium, 4731 Eynatten:

A)This house needs URGENT certain reparation.

B) Plus:The costs for these reparations needs to get covered (Jehova Jireh)

C) The manager of this house needs reliable,honest persons who also are willing and able to do the reparation in DUE time!

D) The manager =Mr.Peter Weiss junior and the owner =Mr.Peter Weiss senior need among each other divine wisdom,peace,guidance,

These 2 mean (80 years and 47 years old) are in the process of transferring the rights for this house from Peter Weiss senior unto Peter Weiss junior. But until now they could not yet come to conclusions among each other.

E)Peter Weiss junior is always striving for getting accepted-I realized that from the moment on I had contact with him as one of the persons who lives in one of his houses .

These 2 men need submitting to each other,learn to cooperate as business-partners on an equal level, to honor and trust each other, the old man should bless hiss on like fathers in the Bible did over their sons.

They also need salvation:The 80-year old man before he dies and Peter Weiss junior would have a Father in heaven from whom he could receive ALL he was and is missing.

F) For the sitiuation IN the house: Until now there is strife,monitoring,behind-the back-control,manipulation, gossip ,lies,slender,agression,rejection,negativity,fault-finding,selfishness.

G)For my personal situation ( as an inhabitant in this house).

Meanwhile I am completely rejected and when I mentioned JESUS CHRIST towards 2 different parties who also live in the same house:They situation became much worse against me!!!

One woman who lives next door to my appartment, practises esotheric(astral-bodies and other).

Since I mentioned JESUS CHRIST towards her,she is totally avoiding me plus talking evil behind my back.

On the same floor right next door beside me lives a ca. 54-year-old man from Montenegro,who became completey agressive against me since I mentioned Jesus Christ and offered to him help.

The gardener from Poland was kind and helpfull towards me in the beginning-but he has a love-affair with one single woman who lives since 7 years in this house. She is monitoring,controling,fault-finding,intriguous,totally arrogant and jealous.She had indoctrinating him against me-so now this gardener shows also a total negative,rejective,mocking,dishonorable,prejudiced behavior against me.

Please interceed for all these issue and for myself!

Please interceed form e and for all these issue

Received: May 12, 2024

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