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Martina Bernhardt

For the house (inclusive the property) in which I live in since Dezember 2023. The adress is in Belgium close to the german border (to the city of Aachen):Wesselbend 42 and 44 (these are twin-houses with an old tennis-court in between),located in B-4731 Eynatten.

The owner is Mr. Peter Weiss senior (who is meanwhile out of house-business) and the manager is his son Peter junior. They both live in Aachen.There is a special background about these 2 houses (and I am sure that it was NO coincident that Mr.Peter Weiss senior did share this with me even he had seen me only 2 times before).His father (=the granpa of the momentary manager) was a chief-medical professional in a hospital in a city directly beside Aachen when he got diagnosed with skin-cancer and died half a year later after the diagnosis. The wife finished the building of these 2 houses. This means,there is a curse upon these 2 houses and the property and this family. For sure there is deliverance needed for it all. We as children of El Shaddai are able to perform that spiritual deliverance! Short after I moved in one of these 2 houses a part of the cellar-area got flooded (in December 2023). After reporting that incident to family Weiss I heard that this happenend for the first time. Now the new tenents ( a belgian couple) of a large appartment on the ground-floor (rigjht opposite of my tiny 40qm-studio) got mold-infestation in their cellar plus even in their appartment. Plus in one side of the house Nr. 42 had been fallen out little parts of the stones from the wall . The family Weiss knows about these conditions-but: They want to start the restoration next year.Because they donnot have the necessary money at the moment plus the father is still the owner so the son "Peter Weiss"is not yet allowed to take all necessary decision on his own. I felt very honored that M. Peter Weiss junior did at least share little sparks of information with me about what is going on-even I am totally new in this house! This family Weiss is an honorable family-somehow in my heart did like them from the first moment. In the past their goodness had been misused also. Several former tenents had been taken advantage of their kindness and of their good care. Please interceed for the entire situation. All necessary work would be VERY expensive-and of course there shall not be taken any action in vain (especially when this action costs ca. 10.000 Euro). Therefore this family needs divine wisdom,insight,guidance ,provision and protection!!! The Holy Spirit knows,WHAT and WHERE exactly the problems are.And:WHAT has to be done for solving them WITHOUT wasting money,wasting time, wasting whatsoever!.The Holy Spirit also knows WHO should be engaged for the necessary interventions/work:Honest,reliable,skillfull people and NOT the ones who are only after big money. In one phone-call Mr. Peter Weiss junior shared once some details with me about the market-sitution with houses,management, craftsmen:It is CRAZY!

Received: March 19, 2024

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