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Prayed for 4 times.

Brian Wiemken

Good morning. I’ve been listening to your teachings for a while now.

I have an older Christian brother fighting melanoma cancer. His name is David, he listen many of the healing videos as well and he’s giving up.

He just suddenly like lost his mind when is the total fear believe he lost his salvation. And then up in a mental hospital for a month or so from hallucinations and all of that.

He had a massive operation of the right side of his head that went to the brain.

Anyway I’m praying and believing his for his healing and deliverance.

My other brother Jeff has been dealing with COPD for a long time. He too is listening to the teachings on healing and faith.

I’m praying that God will give both my brothers the gift of faith as well as bring into their lives believe is it really are full of the Holy Spirit and know how to pray..

For myself I’m attending Andrew Wommack’s CHARIS BIBLE COLLEGE online.

I’ve been have a numerous health issues over the years..

Defective heart from birth, joint and tendon issues. Neuropathy in the lower legs.

And chronic back spasms and muscle pulls.

I am standing on the word I am believing God‘s word I have had my back healed before through prayer as well as a very bad flu.

But the last four must’ve been a real challenge. First with me issues I was praying for those and those were better and then diarrhea for a week or so and praying about that and that went away and then I scraped my leg and got cellulitis in a horrible infection for months and it’s finally gone and then my back just goes out. My point is I’m tired not quitting just tired this is the longest battle I have had standing for healing.

I just desire that you pray however God leads you for my situation. I would like someone to agree with me that by the stripes of Jesus Christ I really am healed for that I can lay hands on myself in Jesus name and I am healed. That by the name of Jesus Christ through faith in that name I am healed. That the elders anointed with oil and pray the prayer of faith over me.

And I am standing and believing. I am my 95 year old mother’s caretaker. But with all of these challenges and cooking and cleaning doing laundry take care of the dogs the backyard etc. shopping whatever I’m pretty tired and I’m like wow I need some reinforcements. Like when Moses arms got heavy Aaron and Hur came along and held up his arms.

I need that ha ha ha I need some brothers and sisters who really have faith and declare faith to come alongside declare truth over me as well as I progress forward. Thank you so much God bless you really enjoy it gonna play some of Pastor Duane’s videos on healing on television from other than myself.

Oh yeah mother. We’re praying for the healing of her eyes from macular degeneration as well as her ears and her hearing.

Received: August 25, 2023

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