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God has called YOU to be an agent of cultural change!

America is experiencing a cultural revolution. Against the onslaught of conflicting political agendas, powerful media pressures, and radical ideologies, what should Christians think? How should we respond?

In Counterculture, Pastor Duane Sheriff reveals how the “woke” movement has a form of godliness but denies the power of the cross. Instead of aligning with the dominant cultural trends, believers must rise up and forge a Kingdom culture, countering critical race theory with “critical grace theory” ― the truth and power of the gospel.

Counterculture offers insight and guidance, equipping you to…

  • Ground yourself in moral absolutes: righteousness, love, decency, and justice
  • Get on your knees; then stand up and speak out in loving opposition
  • Refuse to let the Church be silenced by political correctness, government, or media
  • Uproot dark seeds of Socialism and Marxism being sown in America
  • Recognize that the saving power of Jesus is the only thing that can transform our nation

God has called you as an agent of change! And change happens one heart at a time, one good deed at a time, and one vote at a time. Begin now!

Welcome to Duane.

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