Erasing Offense
Erasing Offense

Erasing Offense

Jesus said offenses will come–whether it’s a subtle dig, an obvious jab, or an action. Sometimes they come from those closest to us, and they can destroy our peace, our relationships, and ultimately, our destiny. It’s easy to take offense, and that’s exactly what Jesus warned against.

In Erasing Offense, Duane Sheriff, senior founding pastor, and international speaker unravels the enemy’s plot to destroy your relationships and reveals biblical strategies to keep you walking in supernatural peace. Prepare yourself to withstand this cunning temptation by…

Understanding the deadly nature of harboring offense

Recognizing how to discern and identify offense

Learning how to process offenses correctly

Discovering how to keep your heart from hardness

Reversing the effects of offense in your life and family

The devil often has one card to play–and that’s offense. Don’t play into his hand by allowing him to steal your peace. Erase Offense from your life and step into supernatural harmony and tranquility.

Welcome to Duane.

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