• Abraham’s seven promises.
  • Daniel’s 70 weeks (from captivity to Jesus, Daniel 9:24).
  • The five terms of God’s new covenant (Jeremiah 32:31-34).
  • The significance of the covenant meal in the Old Testament.
  • The historical beginnings of the Passover meal:
    • Steps for selecting and preparing the sacrificial lamb.
    • Application of the blood to doorposts (to be passed over).
    • Appropriate steps for the roasting and eating of the lamb.
  • The Last Supper, which was the commencement of the formal observance of Communion, was instituted during the Passover meal with Jesus and His disciples.ÿ
  • The significance of taking the Lord’s Supper or Communion in the church today.
In The Old Testament God dealt with His people from without. ÿIn the new covenant, God’s Word and Jesus live with in us. ÿGrasp the joy and glory of the new covenant through this exciting series. ÿ

Messages in this series:

January 8, 2004