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Lola Mattox

Please pray for the situation with my great granddaughter, Adeline. Her father's grandmother, Myrtle, has had temporary custody of her since birth, she is now 6 yrs old. Last February an aunt made false accusations to the authorities, was given temporary custody of Addy (with no evidence of accusations). The aunt went to the school, removed Addy without notifying any family and left with her. Thankfully, she did not leave the state with her or we may never have known where she went. This is all because off a family grudge that goes back generations. Myrtle had taken custody of Addy's father and this aunt as infants when their mother was working as a prostitute. Thank God she has turned her life around, married into money and but seeks revenge. She has Addy the majority of the time and has blessed the aunt financially. The courts have granted Myrtle visitation rights, appointed a child ad litem. We go to court on September 13th. Please pray God is in control for Addy's best interest. Something is not right, and I pray God breaks the darkness with light. Addy is so confused and hurt. We do not have the finances to hire an attorney. Myrtle has one but I am not sure how much benefit he is. The father is in prison now (basically for stupidity) and the Addy's mother has another child now. She is afraid of loosing the son if she protest (tho legally she still has custody of Addy). When Myrtle has Addy for the weekend her mother, brother and grandmother spend time with her. The mother needs prayer also. I speak with the authority given me by Christ Jesus.....MY CHILDREN WILL GROW TO SERVE GOD. My apologizes this is so long.

Received: August 17, 2019

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