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Hal Whitlock

Please pray for the ability to move forward for a painful situation. There is a person who has been very important in my life and always made me feel like I was important in their life. My family has done a lot for them during some difficult times they faced, but lately they have been very hurtful with their words and actions, and they just don’t see how their behavior is hurting me, or they do not care. My family and I feel very used, me especially. My prayer is for me to release them from my life so that this situation will not bother me any longer; and that I will be able to love them, but not desire any contact with them. Or if the Lord desires them in my life, I pray they will be convicted on how they have treated me and that their hurtful and negligent behavior will be clearly visible to them. If so, then I ask the Lord for their behavior towards me to change to be much more considera te. Either way, I pray for the Lords strength to continue to move forward.

Received: November 22, 2018

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