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Dear Pastor Duane:

Can you pray for my family's needs below? My family consists of my wife, my six sons, and myself. Here, I gave the abbreviations of our names.

1. D-M. for (1) high very MCA score, (2) admission to DO school, (3) becoming a physician, (3) reading proficiency, fluency, and comprehension, (4) prosperity

2. E. for (1) healing from Neurodevelopmental disorders, (2) network engineering job, (3) obtaining network certificates, (3) master’s degree in computer network, (4) prosperity A

3. B. for (1) neurodevelopmental disorders, (2) completion of his pastoral theology major, (3) job in ministry, (4) prosperity, (5) financial assistance to pay his tuition

4. J. for (1) healing from mental illness from grief, (3) complete bachelor, (4) participation in McNair scholar program, (5) obtaining of a master degree, (6) well-paid job, (7) Christian friends and girlfriend

5. P. to get(1)healing from high blood pressure, sleep apnea, arthritis, male impotence,(2) rejuvenation of body and mind, healthy and long life, (3) prosperous private practice and business, (4) tying skills and good English pronunciation, (5) wisdom and high intelligence and judgment, (6)master of English language, (7) retirement benefits

6. T. for (1) passing her license clinical social work exam, (2) full-time job, (3) tying skills and good English pronunciation, (4) master of English language, (5) retirement benefits

7. T. to (1) pass his teaching license exam, (2) get a doctorate in education, (3) become a school administrator, healthy children, and wife

8. My family for (1) fear of God, (2) school loan cancelation, (3) good and long health, (4) abundant life, (5) wisdom, high intelligence, (6) strong bonds, (7) financial breakthrough

9. My wife, 6 sons and I to have (1) repossession of what the devil stole, (2) healthy mind, (3) obstacles to a life removed, (4) bewitchment rejected (5) release from the curse

10. My sisters, brother, nephews, and nieces for: (2) fear God, (3) healthy and long life (4) advanced education, (5) well-paid job, (6) prosperity, (7) financial breakthrough

11. M. for: (1) fear God (2) back to the family, (3) reconnection with the family, (4) sharing of love and blessings with the family, (5) master’s degree

12. My 6 sons for (1) increase of church attendance, (2) fear God, (3) wisdom and high intelligence, (4) Christian friends, girlfriends, and wives, (5) prosperity, (6) strong bonds

13. S. for (1) healing and good health, (2) peace (3) job, (4) good motherhood

14. J. for: (1) peace, joy, hope, (2) faith in the Lord about his future, (3) prosperity and financial breakthrough, (4) Christian girlfriend and friends, (5) strong family bonds

15. My family for (1) healing from neurodevelopmental disorders, (2) protection against the coronavirus contamination, (3) financial breakthrough, (4) increase and abundance in all ears of our life.

Thank you for your prayer.

In Christ,


Received: May 31, 2020

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