Identity Theft

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About the Book

Did you know your true identity was stolen from you?

What if you’ve been living under a false identity that God never intended for you to have? In this book, uncover the lies and deception that the world uses to keep you from discovering your TRUE identity in Christ. Once you know who you are in Him, the freedom, blessing, and authority unlocked are incredible! This book will give you a clear biblical reference point to restore your identity and help you re-discover who you have been created to be.

What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what other are saying about Identity Theft!

No matter what you look like physically or who your parents are, you are not what God intended you to be. Duane Sheriff in his insightful book, Identity Theft, begins with a captivating illustration of being the subject of embezzlement. Rev. Sheriff parallels Satan’s cosmic thievery of man’s heritage from God. Our arch enemy is still out to pilfer our personal identity. One would think the war with Satan would have been over at our Lord’s resurrection. Not a chance. Satan is still out seeking who he can devour with his plan to destroy God’s plan of redemption. Be warned. From Satan’s viewpoint, you are but a pawn in his game of cosmic chess. As the Bible reveals, he is out to steal, kill and destroy everything you have. His assault was like an atomic bomb blast that destroys and continues to eliminate life through the deadly effects of radiation. Identity Theft is a systematic biblical exegetical and theological approach to origins, identity, purpose, morality and destiny that offers spiritual transformation to the reader’s life.

Dr Dennis Lindsay

President and Chief Executive Officer, Christ For The Nations, Inc.

Duane Sheriff is not only a fellow minister, but also a good friend. He speaks from his heart and there is no pretense about him. He is the same outside the pulpit as he is behind it. His book, Identity Theft, is a frank look at who we were, what we have become through the fall and what we can become through the new birth and a new position in Christ. Duane uses his own personal examples to help make the meaning understood. You are about to be blessed and changed as you read.
Bob Yandian

Teaching Pastor

Pastor Duane Sheriff is a voice that is being heard all around the world and needs to be heard, because he is communicating an authentic message in this book that will not just change you but will cause transformation in you!

I loved this book and how it was written with humor and humility but with punch and power at the same time! I literally couldn’t put it down and I’m excited for you, because you’re about to discover that “Identity Theft” is so much more than a book; it is a vital revelation for our generation.

Let me ask you a few questions. Are you identifying with a life in Christ or the “Adams family?” Are you thinking from God’s perspective, or have you accepted “victim status” as your new normal? Are you tired of trying to be and do good by following a system of rules? Have you fallen into the trap of thinking your role is your identity?

All these questions and so many more are skillfully answered in “Identity Theft” by Pastor Duane Sheriff. As I read this book I heard the heart of an experienced pastor, answering the questions in the minds of so many, even in the church.

In this book you will discover your true identity and how to start living from an integrated heart, instead of being double minded and unstable. You will learn why it’s hopeless to try to put on the new if you keep thinking like the old. How do YOU see yourself right now? Whose image are you being conformed to?

Everything you do in life flows from your heart, and in reading this book, you will understand why the truth of “spirit, soul and body” is essential to your Christian walk! Pastor Duane clearly shows you from the Word of God how image produces identity and from identity flows authority, which will determine direction. If you’ve been paralyzed by a stolen identity, it’s time for you to discover how loved you really are, and how you can recover your true identity!

There’s something about life that’s so daily and there are no do overs! Learn now how doing flows out of being, and learn how to rest in the power of the grace of God and experience the resulting boldness to fulfill your purpose. Pastor Duane shows you how to live in the unforced rhythms of grace, and how your new identity in Christ affects your destiny!

Even though this is Pastor Duane’s first book, it’s not his first rodeo! Taste and see for yourself how good this seasoned message really is, that has been penned from years of seasoned leadership. I know there will be many more books to follow and I personally can’t wait to see the impact upon this generation and the resulting legacy. What an honor It is to whole heartedly recommend this book to you.

Daniel Amstutz

Dean of Worship & Arts, Director of Healing School, Charis Bible College

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Identity Theft

What if you’ve been living under a false identity that God never intended for you to have?